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The ingredients for the infamous recipe are Nutella, tuna, and sliced bread.

Masthead Munchies – Episode 6: NuTuna

Say goodbye to first semester with our last recipe before the new year: NuTuna. An uncanny combination of two very different ingredients — Nutella and tuna — NuTuna is a protein-rich food that’ll get your brain rolling for exams. Still, does it taste good? We had all members of masthead (except those who were vegetarians

Susana eating chips.

Masthead Munchies – Episode 5: Plantain chips and tostones

This week, it was time for our media editor, Susana Gómez Báez, to cook up something delicious. Using just plantains, she made two easy Spanish recipes — crunchy plantain chips and chunky tostones. Both are a healthier alternative to regular chips, and you can customize them to taste. Like salty chips? Add salt. Like spicy chips?

Jake eating his famous Jake-inator.

Masthead Munchies – Episode 4: Jake-inator

Welcome to the fourth edition of Masthead Munchies! This week, fun editor Jake Scott shows us how to make one of the most disgustingly delicious, artery-clogging sandwiches ever seen (named after Jake himself). Let’s face it though, it’s probably still healthier than McDonald’s.


Four easy Halloween costumes

Running late for that last minute Halloween party and have no idea what costume to wear? Theatre makeup artists Stephanie Pereira and Melanie Whitnell teach you four easy Halloween costume ideas. All of these can be made with your own clothes and your own (if you’re a guy, your sister’s or mom’s) makeup. Also, there’s

We have the answer to your stomach's woes.

Masthead Munchies – Episode 1: Ground beef grilled cheese

Are you hungry but low on cash, short on time, or simply culinarily challenged? Beginning this week, The Eyeopener presents an original weekly video series: “Masthead Munchies.” Every Wednesday, we take one of the newspaper’s editors and have them cook a cheap, quick and easy meal.