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The ingredients for the infamous recipe are Nutella, tuna, and sliced bread.

Masthead Munchies – Episode 6: NuTuna

Say goodbye to first semester with our last recipe before the new year: NuTuna. An uncanny combination of two very different ingredients — Nutella and tuna — NuTuna is a protein-rich food that’ll get your brain rolling for exams. Still, does it taste good? We had all members of masthead (except those who were vegetarians

Susana eating chips.

Masthead Munchies – Episode 5: Plantain chips and tostones

This week, it was time for our media editor, Susana Gómez Báez, to cook up something delicious. Using just plantains, she made two easy Spanish recipes — crunchy plantain chips and chunky tostones. Both are a healthier alternative to regular chips, and you can customize them to taste. Like salty chips? Add salt. Like spicy chips?

Jake eating his famous Jake-inator.

Masthead Munchies – Episode 4: Jake-inator

Welcome to the fourth edition of Masthead Munchies! This week, fun editor Jake Scott shows us how to make one of the most disgustingly delicious, artery-clogging sandwiches ever seen (named after Jake himself). Let’s face it though, it’s probably still healthier than McDonald’s.