Marsh lures NCAA players

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The Rams’ assistant-coach and tireless recruiter Bob Marsh says he has already courted three players he expects to be starters on next year’s team, two of whom come from the NCAA’s division one in the U.S., the highest level of collegiate basketball in the world.

Stuck on acupuncture

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It stems from an Eastern philosophy that believes the cosmos are made of complementary energies. The yin (female element) must be in harmony and balance with the yang (male element). These energies, called chi, must be balanced in all things throughout the world, especially in human beings.

Bargain basement bindis

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No busy urban woman can be content unless she owns at least three light silk shirts in bright colours, preferably with the intricate gold edging found mostly on saris. These skirts are just crying out to be paired with handkerchief tops in similar fabrics, or tight three-quarter length shirts with Japanese characters on the front.