Tories allow tuition fees

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The tuition increase come with a provincial government promise to inject $68-million into postsecondary education next year. But for the first time, part of the grant will be distributed based on universities’ graduation rates and the number of grads who are employed after six months and two years.

RyeSAC drops CFS referendum

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A scheduled referendum about raising the fees Ryerson students pay to the Canadian Federation of Students will be cancelled if RyeSAC president Erin George and the rest of the executive have their way at Thursday’s board of directors meeting.

Police form rave force

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Police plan to create a force made up of city officials and emergency services to crack down on illegal raves, after-hours clubs and gun-related violence. Toronto’s chief of police announced Tuesday at police headquarters.

Profs zoom in on cancer cells

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The Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and a group of private donors have awarded $180,000 to Michael Kolio and Gregory Czarnota to continue developing software that will make an ultrasound image eight times as powerful as the ones being used by doctors today.

Students will cash in on job boom: experts say

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With the federal unemployment rate for February 2000 at 6.8 per cent—the lowest on record since 1976 according to a recent Industry Canada report—and with youth unemployment dropping a few percentage points to a 12.5 per cent, Canada is experiencing one of its best job markets in 25 years.

Troupe stages dramatic lesson

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Ades runs UPward Motion, a consulting and training company that focuses on youth and uses theatre to recreate conflicts in the workplace. She took her presentation to Ryerson last week, leading workshops at the school of retail management.