Mhyar Shams Ahmadi’s IV rig and hospital bracelet.

Photo Courtesy Mhyar Shams Ahmadi

He was literally stabbed in the back

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A mysterious post on Reddit from a hospital bed led news editor Jackie Hong to a first-year stabbing victim

Most people don’t kick off their first year of university by getting stabbed in the kidney, but Mhyar Shams Ahmadi is a special case. The first year Ryerson politics and governance student got shanked by a guy in a misplaced attempt to send a message about talking shit on a social media site on Aug. 29, just days before Ryerson’s annual Parade and Picnic.

While stuck recovering at St. Michael’s Hospital, Shams Ahmadi made an appeal on Reddit titled, “Got stabbed question about letting profs know and a favour about the Nas concert,” asking for advice on how to let his profs know he’d be missing class and for someone to pass on a message to this year’s Parade and Picnic headliner, Nas.

The Eyeopener caught up with Shams Ahmadi at St. Mike’s to talk about what happened, his Reddit post and Nas:

What happened?

Do you know the site It’s a site where anyone can post a photo of anyone and say anything. In mid-October last year, a girl from Vancouver had her photo posted and she looked a lot like someone I had known before they had passed away. That night, I was actually out with friends and I got drunk. I found her through Instagram and asked, “Is there a way I can talk to you in private?” So she gave me her email and we started talking. It was the type of relationship that I didn’t have with anyone else, which is strange because I have never met online. Like, I don’t even really go on Reddit or forums or anything like that.

I was meeting her at Starbucks downtown. I went across the street, I was just finishing my cigarette and like 30 seconds later, that’s when it all happened. A guy she sent came up to me and punched me in the face. I didn’t even realize I got stabbed, I thought I was just dizzy because I got punched in the face. It wasn’t until I got home and my mom asked me why I had blood all over my pants that I realized I got stabbed in the back. I have a lacerated kidney right now.

And the reason she [got him to attack me] is because she thought that she got posted a bunch of times while we were talking, and she thought that the last post was one that I wrote, and I guess she felt betrayed and just upset.

How do you know she was behind it?

It’s pretty obvious. I’m not sure if he said it before or after he punched me because it happened so quick, but he said, “I know where you live, post something else and I’ll finish you.”

So what’s your deal with Nas?

I first heard him at a friend’s house in middle school. Something about it just stuck out to me and ever since that day, I was just hooked on rap. So as far as Nas goes, he was the first artist that got me into music in general. No matter what I’m feeling, he has a song that I can relate to when I’m in that mood.

What are your favourite Nas songs?

The Message and Undying Love.

What message did you want to send him?

I know this is gonna sounds stupid, but I just wanted to say thank you. It’s really hard to explain but there’s just something… He opened my eyes up to a lot of things.

It seems a lot of other Ryerson students responded to your Reddit post saying they would try to pass on the message and get you an autograph. How did it turn out?

They all got back to me later and were like, “There was no way that we could. It was so crowded and we were so far back that it’s not happening.” And there were a lot of people who just reached out even though they weren’t going to the concert, they’re like, you know, “We hope you get better, the situation sucks.” People were offering like, to take me for pizza. Everyone was really really kind and supportive.

Are you doing okay now, stab-wise?

Yeah, I’m good now. Their biggest concern right now is to check that I don’t have internal bleeding and that everything’s stable.

So you’re going to make a full recovery?

Yeah, well the kidney may not go back to 100 per cent, but I just have to watch, like my diet. It could have been a lot worst.

Do the cops know?

Yeah, and they made it pretty clear that there was only so much that they could do.

So no one’s been arrested? Or is even wanted?


Have you talked to this woman since?

The same night, I sent a text message. I said, “lol, that was adorable.” I just couldn’t have her have the last laugh, that was just me being a jerk.

*interview edited for length and clarity


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