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By Sherina Harris

Rye pres says there’s a “misunderstanding” about surplus

The Ryerson Faculty Association (RFA) wants the university to use money from their surplus—which, in 2018, totalled $64.275 million—to cover the loss of revenue from the 10 per cent tuition cut for domestic students.

In response, Ryerson University president Mohamed Lachemi told The Eye people have a “misunderstanding” about the surplus.

He said the restricted carry forwards are committed to a specific purpose, like one-time initiatives or faculty units—not day-to-day operations.

It “is a short-term solution, not in the best interest of the financial health of the university,” he said.

Rye unaware of potential phone call scam

Several Ryerson students said in a Facebook post that they received calls from Ryerson University’s phone number asking to speak to their parents.

Cody Maung, a first-year occupational health student, said he received several calls from Ryerson’s number to his cell phone. When he picked up one of the calls on a Sunday afternoon in the fall, a male voice who identified himself as someone from Ryerson asked him for his parents’ phone numbers to conduct an interview with them, he said.

A spokesperson in Ryerson’s public affairs office said she couldn’t find instances of complaints to Ryerson’s call centres about spam calls.

“I think Ryerson should clarify this,” Maung said, adding students need more education about scams.

‘Too early’ to say if international tuition will rise: president

It is “too early” to determine what increases, if any, will be made to international student tuition at Ryerson  to make up for the 10 per cent cut in domestic student tuition, president Lachemi told The Eye.

“We have not decided anything, but in some instances we may increase them a little bit in line with peer institutions,” Lachemi said.

The increases would be for new students and not current international students, provost Michael Benarroch said at a town hall on budget cuts in February.

“I’m concerned that we’re not going to be taken into account as much when these policies come into action,” said international student Sofía Rodríguez Garzón.

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