Student with trust fund, wanderlust tattoo won’t stop recommending travelling this summer

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By Andrea Josic

Summers in university can feel much longer than a semester during school. Many students choose to spend their four months off working at least one job, whereas some even work two or three.

Amongst these students are the ones who’ve decided to do some travelling over the summer. While there are students who work hard to save money and explore the world while remaining financially-conscious, there are others who say “Fuck it” and depend on their rich parents.

Kayleigh Mckinleigh Johnson has started an Instagram page dedicated to travelling called “eatpraylove_yolo”. The page promotes spending money frivolously while you eat, pray, love your way across the world, because you only live once.

Johnson, who stays exclusively in four-point-nine-out-of-five hotels and resorts, thinks people shouldn’t “cheap out” while travelling.

“People who complain about money and don’t live lavishly while travelling aren’t doing it right,” says Johnson, whose parents deposit a monthly allowance of $1000 into her chequings account.

Johnson’s family comes from a long line of CEOs and bank brokers. Throughout the year, her  parents pay for her tuition, rent and groceries. That being said, Johnson doesn’t actually have any financial responsibilities.

Unlike most university students, Johnson doesn’t have a job. “Private high school was SO stressful that I didn’t need added pressure. Working a job now doesn’t make sense because I need to balance studying and partying.”

Johnson cites Julia Roberts as an inspiration for her travel tendencies and wishes she could be as brave as Roberts for embarking on a travel journey post-divorce.

“The documentary Eat Pray Love was so inspiring,” says Johnson earnestly while gently grazing her wanderlust tattoo.

Johnson caught the travel bug during her semester abroad in Paris. During the exchange, she was inspired to get “WANDERLUST” tattooed on her ribs. Uniquely placed in an infinity symbol that becomes birds flying away, Johnson praises herself on her individuality.

“I wanted a world map but that’s honestly so basic. Do you know what bon voyage means? I learned of it during my exchange in Paris. It’s so profound.”

Johnson only has one tip for people who are considering travelling: just do it. According to her absolutely nothing that holds people back from luxurious vacations except for their fear of adventure.

“It’s such a shame that people don’t travel more! Plane tickets are only like, $900. It’s actually super fun and affordable.”

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