Hijaab unveils liberation

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Muslim women cover their bodies, except their faces and hands, in an effort to emphasize who they are, not how they look. Many misconceptions still exist among Muslims and non-Muslims; Fatima Najm takes a closer look.

Bound by ancient traditions

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Shoe fetishes are nothing new. Think sky-high stilettos, spiked heels and leather laces. A millennium ago in China, tiny feet resembling the “golden lotus” were all the rage. The shoe may have changed, but the ideas behind footwear hasn’t and shoes have always been a significant symbol in society.

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The F-Word

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Perhaps the definition is unclear. Or maybe feel there’s no cause for a fight. If women are still passionate about women’s issues, then why are so many afraid to use the word to describe themselves? Sheila Nykwist explores how the once united women’s movement has dispersed and his it’s diversifies to suit its members.