What is We The Students RU?

We The Students RU (WTSRU) is a campus-wide collective comprised of various students and student group representatives who have been affected by the provincial government’s Student Choice Initiative, cuts to the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) and/or cuts to education.

The collective’s goal is to effect change by demonstrating how these cuts harm students and campus life.

What is The Eyeopener‘s role in the collective?

Campus press plays a crucial role in maintaining a free, democratic and informed student body.

The Eyeopener is one of the many groups on campus affected by these changes and chose to collaborate with campus groups also affected by the initiative to brainstorm ways to increase awareness, organize events and campaign for students to opt into our services.

Our goal within the collective is to inform and raise awareness. As a journalistic institution, we will strive to report on how these changes are rolling out, any future political developments regarding the initiative and how it will impact the community and its members.

To keep up with how these changes will affect you, make sure to check out The Latest page for stories all our stories on the SCI.

How will The Eyeopener cover we the students?

While The Eyeopener is part of this collective, and we share some of the goals with some student groups in the collective, it is still our job to report objectively and equitably on what takes place on this campus, including any actions taken by We The Students RU.

The Eyeopener will not prevent its employees from participating in the collective’s events, but reporters and editors covering events will not participate.

How can I get involved?

Follow WTSRU on social media to stay up to date or become a part of the movement.