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  1. Greetings, Eye Opener editorial team!

    I noted one of your articles last year re. some hardships after graduation. Admittedly, jobs, etc. are still hard to come by.

    Would you be interested in a few ideas for a future article that may inspire some of your grads for the proverbial hunt? If so, feel free to reply…
    Best regards,
    Jim Jard, B.Sc., Applied Kinesiologist, MAC/RAC member.

    1. Hi there! If you would like to pitch something or share an idea please email the editors directly.

  2. Hi there! If you would like to send a pitch or share an idea, please email the editors directly.

  3. Good morning,
    I would like to know who to contact if I would like to request to take down an article. The article “people of Ryerson Minhaj and William” I would like this article to be removed from the website eye opener because my legal name was used in this article without my consent and I wasn’t aware of it until now when I googled my name. I have contacted the journalist who wrote this article but he doesn’t respond to me.
    Please take this article down immediately or let me know who I can contact in regards to that.
    Thank you.

  4. Hi. There was an article published about me in 2014 that uses my full legal name for the people of Ryerson column. I would like it to be removed immediately. I work in social services and can’t have the type of information disclosed in that article in a public domain. Please delete it and follow up with me.

    1. Hey Elizabeth,

      We have sent you an email regarding this matter.

      -The Eyeopener

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