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How To Pitch To Us

You bet we take pitches! 

Here are a few guidelines that The Eye has put together. Please note that The Eye does not pay contributors and operates on a volunteer basis.

What are we looking for?

We write about almost everything happening in and around Ryerson campus. We amplify the voices of students, professors, alumni and others on issues that that our community cares about including but not limited to: campus news, campus events and initiatives, student activism, post-secondary education and more. 

We highly encourage folks to read our content to become familiarized with our core topics and voice. 

Tell us about something you may have witnessed in or around campus, concerns raised by other students online, a problem students are voicing to be fixed.  Do you think there’s something Ryerson should be doing better? Do you know someone working on a cool initiative? Do you have an experience you’d like to share with us? We want to hear about it.

Editing process

Each story fits into a certain section at our publication. Our section editors will be your first line of contact to shape your idea and help set the narrative, tone and structure of the story. You can find each editor’s contact information here.

Each section editor assign story, photo and video assignments to volunteers each week, but pitches are accepted at any time!

Deadlines are set according to the length and timeliness of each story.

Code of Ethics

Writers should always keep notes. They should keep recordings, research and/or any other screenshots, proof or elements to the story on file, even after a story is published.

All stories go through a copy editing and basic fact checking process, so editors may require writers to provide contact info for sources, audio files and web links.

You can also take a look at an excerpt from the “Statement of Principles” section of our constitution:

The Eyeopener shall ensure that its coverage is accurate, timely and honest. Reports which display a sexual, racial or religious prejudice shall have no place in the pages of The Eyeopener.

The Eyeopener shall not publish any submission which is known to contain information which has been falsified or distorted to promote the aims or concerns of any special interest group, political body, or individual. Nor shall The Eyeopener’s editorial board allow to be published any report, column, photograph, letter or graphic which it finds to be libellous, offensive or unethical.

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  1. Hey ya’ll,

    I’m an Indigenous graduate student with Ryerson and TA. I would like to welcome in the New Year with an article about the importance of territorial acknowledgements and what it actually means in Ryerson’s land acknowledgement when it says “welcomed into the Dish with One Spoon” treaty. And, how in departments where land acknowledgements are mandatory, like the Ryerson Writing Center, there has been a lack of integrity in land acknowledgements. I am not sure how you are publishing now that it is all online, or what timeline you’re on for publications, but incorporating land acknowledgements is often a New Years resolution kind of thing.

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