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A photo of the Eyeopener Fall 2019 Masthead working in their office
Photo: Elana Emer

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Ever since it was founded in 1967, The Eyeopener has always held our independence as an important factor in how we operate. It’s what allows us to find the stories unique to our space in downtown Toronto, and tell the stories that you need to know. If you appreciate our work and want to support independent student journalism further, here’s how you can support us.

If you’re a student at Ryerson, consider opting into The Eyeopener on your RAMSS account at the beginning of each year. For less then one per cent of your yearly tuition costs, you’ll help us keep our papers on stands and keep those in power accountable

If you’d like to help us even more, consider donating to our Patreon. This is a new platform for us as we try to branch out and grow. You can either be a reoccurring donator or give a one-time donation. Every bit helps. Keep your eyes peeled on our Patreon because we’re looking to experiment with it and see what we can do.

And lastly, if you want to have a voice in campus media, come volunteer with us! Our office is on the second floor of the Student Campus Center at Ryerson, SCC207. We’re always looking for new writers, photographers, podcasters, graphic designers and videographers. You can sign up to take on our different stories or pitch an idea to our editors. You can find their contact information here.