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By Saleem W. Khan

The age of Dumbing Down has arrived.

Most experts call it the Information Age, and tell us with a ready smile how much better our lives are going to be by being wired in to the Information SuperHYPEway, but let’s face it, what we’re receiving isn’t information at all. Instead, we get sensationalistic TV news shows that MAKE the news if they can’t find it; so-called “reality TV” that’s just electronic voyeurism; sitcoms whose humour stems not from the toilet, but the sewer; pay-per-view “events” of soft-core porn flicks… In the United States, a company is now using the Internet for high-tech phone sex, transmitting live video of the woman on the other end of the line to the wanker’s computer.

Bell Canada is trying to rally public support in its fight to get the jump on cable companies on the info hypeway. “The information highway will allow… everyone to get and give feedback,” they say.

Give ‘em feedback in language they understand: money.

Tune out, turn off, jack out.

Go buy a book instead. Who knows, you might actually learn something. 

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