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Defending Prozac

I would like to bitch back at Leatrice Spevack (Prozac Pilloried, July 26), who should not be discounting Prozac as a miracle and a life-saver when she obviously has not spoken to someone taking the drug. Don’t believe everything you read — I can tell you from experience that Prozac can save lives. I am taking it to recover from anorexia and bulimia combined with severe depression. The drug has not changed who I am, but simply restored my serotonin (a brain chemical) levels to where they should have been. I may seem different to those who know me because before they were seeing me in a dark and depressed state that I wish never to experience again. I feel whole once again. The side effects I have experienced are nothing compared to the absolute hell I lived with before asking for the help that only Prozac has been able to give me. I have tried group therapy and have spoken with doctors, but talk would not restore my body. I realize drugs affect everyone differently, but telling one side of a story never educated anyone. 

Michelle E. Stinson

Journalism 2

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