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Entertain-dement: August 30, 1995

By Peter Nowak

Welcome to Entertaindement, a space devoted to weird, wacky and quirky opinions on the world of entertainment. This regular column is a forum for writers to express their views on just about anything, as long as it’s entertainment.

This week, however, is a little different. Instead of giving you an opinion, we’re giving you a preview of what’s going to be going on in the Entertainment section this year.

You’ll be seeing the return of such popular features as “Eye Was There”, a monthly photo montage of concerts and other events. “Eye Discs” will also be back on a bi-weekly basis in a new, revamped format, giving you the lowdown on the best (and worst) new CDs and tapes.

In the way of new features, you’ll be seeing a regular club review every couple of weeks. You’ll be getting first hand accounts from fellow students of their experiences at the many nightclubs in downtown Toronto. It’ll be just like being there. 

You’ll also see a special column, under the working title of “Cheese Boutique” which will highlight the absolute worst piece of entertainment, be it music, film or whatever, that is currently available to our consuming dollars. This is the Eyeopener’s way of telling you, “hey, we car”. We care enough to try and save you from wasting your hard-earned cash-a-tola on what can only be called crap. And there is a lot of it out there.

Add some pretty good stories, interviews and profiles and you got yourself an Entertainment section.

And just for you die hards that started reading this column expecting something weird, wacky or quirky: does Coolio (the rapper) have the absolutely coolest hair in the history of mankind? Discuss.

So if you have an opinion about something that relates to entertainment, and if you don’t then you probably don’t have a pulse, then you’re what we need. This space is for you. Come down to the Eyeopener and yell “I wanna get demented!” We’ll know what you’re talking about. At least we hope we do.

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