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Frosh: Get it together and save The Edge!

Regarding your article on The Edge (Rye pub on the rocks, September 20):

My heartfelt condolences go out to all first-year frosh. To quote the story: “The Edge is a student space. If it closed, that space could be lost forever. The space is owned by Ryerson, not the students, and if it wasn’t being used as a pub, the school would probably like it back.”

If all you first year frosh think that now is the time to hit those books and crawl into the deepest corners of your dorm, you’re dead wrong. I’m not saying fuck studying and get drunk every night, what I am saying is that I was once a first-year student as well, living in one of the craziest dorm/residence halls in the province. Residence is fun, don’t get me wrong; the parties; the close friends you make and the atmosphere that encompasses independence. With that independence comes a little something I like to call “TIME MANAGEMENT.” This is the ability to study and make time for social interaction, to leave the confines of what you may call home and explore the neighborhood. Your neighborhood includes your pub, not some other university’s or your friend’s favorite bar, but The Edge pub on the Ryerson campus. Just like the RAC and the cafeteria and the (I’m sure) overwhelming luxuries of residence. The Edge is provided for you. Lord knows our second, third and fourth-year regulars will not be the determining factor when it comes down to the wire in deciding whether or not The Edge will remain open. 

In conclusion, for those of you out there who read The Eyeopener’s article, it was not intended to discourage anyone, but rather inform you the students of the facts. I personally feel that the potential closing of The Edge would not be a fact anyone would like to see.

Nathan Cantkier

Psychology Certificate 3

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