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Question of the Week: September 27, 1995

Should Ontario separate from Canada?

Only one of 50 students surveyed said that Ontario should separate from the rest of Canada.

The lone Graphic Communication Management students reason – “Why not? Then we’d be the centre of the universe.”

Many people’s first reaction was “Ontario? Don’t you mean Quebec?” Although one woman said Canada needs to be more patriotic, she thinks if Ontario were to separate from Canada we would lose part of our identity. “I don’t want Canada to become the fifty-second state,” the geographically-challenged student said.

Others, like Ron, a Mechanical Engineering student, said “The economy is not good in Quebec or Ontario. We need each other.”

Susan Cohen, a second year Nutrition student said, “I don’t think anyone should separate, Canada is a safe country and we should keep it that way. Our problems are pretty trivial compared to the war in Bosnia.”

“That question is as stupid as asking a journalism student to separate from (his/her) alcohol,” said journalism student Adrian Stasiuk.

– Marcy Scott

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