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Bag O’ Crime: October 11, 1995

Gun Fun

Scared Pitman Hall residents reported hearing gun shots along Mutual Street on Wednesday, October 4, at about 1 a.m. Always-dependable Metro Police were in the area and found the gunfight to be nothing more than wacky youths setting off fire crackers.

The event scared the shit out of students new to Toronto who never had anything like this happen in peaceful Flesherton, Ontario.

Soap dope

Someone with obviously way too much time on their hands placed soap in the water fountain on 380 Victoria Street (across from Tim Horton’s Donuts). The October 4 incident was discovered by Rye security at 10 p.m. The sabotage caused the fountain to overflow with soapy bubbles of love. Security says the mischief occurred before and Rye might have a serial bored-soap-guy-needing-a-hobby at large.

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