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Blue Box Blues II

Re: “Blue Box Blues” (October 18):

I found the problems described in this article to be absolutely incredible. Incredible because of my own personal experience with Ryerson’s Blue Box program.

Since the program began, I have had two pails under my desk: the black garbage pail I’ve always had, and the blue recycling pail. Every day, I take the time and effort to ensure that anything I am throwing out ends up in the proper pail. Every morning, the pails are both empty and lined with new plastic garbage bags.

Now this might imply that I find what goes on throughout the rest of Ryerson incredible because I expect the rest of the world to be as neat as my little corner of it. On the contrary, I find the story incredible because it says that there is actually an official recycling collector who actually gives a damn. 

I have had the occasional day where I needed to work late. This entitled me to be around when the garbage and recycling pails, that I take time to sort, are emptied into one large trash pail.

Calvin Henry-Cotnam

Engineering Support Staff, CATE

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