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Comix Zone– Genesis

This game kicks ass. Players are thrust into an interactive comic book with a chance to beat the crap out of a plethora of martial arts demons and Mortal Kombat refugees. The game consists of mini-boards that are cleared once opponents are killed. Arrows point the way to the next board in Choose Your Own Adventure-like strategy.

You are a Steve Anthony look-alike with an arsenal of butt-kickin’, spleen-liquifying, scrotum-crunching kung-fu. The graphics are a crisp, character animation is smooth and the sound effects are loud and sharp. What sets this puppy aside from other beat-’em-ups is the strategy involved. Do I jump into the pit or throw my grenade first to blow up anything waiting for me a the bottom? Also unlike other beat-’em-ups, this game is HARD. We had it in the office for two weeks and four staffers had nervous breakdowns while another bit his fingernails down to bloody hand stumps. Wise-ass characters also narrate the action to remind you that you’re in the Comix (or Climax) Zone baby.

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