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Diggin’ the underground city

Attention commuters – how to get to Rye from Union without getting cold or wet

By Philippe Devos

It’s not exactly the Yellow Brick Road; more like Ho Chi Mihn Trail — secretly supplying the corporate power houses, malls, hotels, shops and restaurants of Toronto with armies of people.

For Ryerson students who commute into school, it’s a secret path that allows Go Train commuters to walk to campus indoors.

It’s called the PATH. Through this maze you can walk from Union Station to the Eaton Centre (just one block from Ryerson campus) avoiding rain, snow and sleet as well as the price gouging of the TTC.

The odyssey begins at Union Station in the GO concourse. Head north towards the Union Subway station.

Proceed through the station into the Royal Bank Plaza Mall and follow along until Enchanté Perfumes (your nose’ll know) then turn left. From here it’s straight to the Toronto Dominion Centre.

Enter and take the escalator up to the shops. It’s a long, dark corridor until First Canadian Place. Once again the desert of misplaced mini-mall shops gives way to an oasis of a Vintages Store featuring the finest (and most overpriced) wines in the land.

It’s left out of the liquor store and left again at Tip Top. Then make a bee-line for Black’s camera shop where another left turn will keep on track.

Go around Trattoria Manna until United Express where it’s yet another left turn. Just a few steps will take you into the Richmond Adelaide Complex. Head straight through the food court as more palatable eats lie ahead.

Near Timothy’s Coffee you may want to make a pit-stop. If there is a rumble in your stomach, Movenpick is just up the escalator. Regardless, keep Timothy’s to your left and weave your way to the Battery Shop before turning left again.

You are now about to enter the Sheraton Centre Hotel but stay right and go into the Plaza Shops instead of the hotel proper. Turn right at the information booth and head past the shops to the Famous Players theatre. Continue through the food court into the Thomson Concourse. Once through the shops it’s a quickie escalator down and up again into the Hudson’s Bay. Go past the deli and turn left at the chocolate shop. The trail swings around to carry you past free samples and product demos; espresso and a shoe shine greets you.

You must turn left at the linen department and pass through the Queen subway station to get into the Eaton Centre. The voyage isn’t done here though. Past the food court and the fountain you’ll find Eaton’s. If it’s open, going through is faster but you may have to go down the escalator into the North Mall.

If you’re still following at this point another Liquor Store awaits you.

Two floors up you can exit at the corner of Yonge and Dundas, just one block from Ryerson. Or, enter the Dundas subway station one floor up to go through the Atrium-on-Bay and exit just forty metres from Gould Street and our inspiring university.

You can wander the PATH from 6:00 a.m. to 1:40 a.m. but give yourself an extra five minutes as the underground route is not direct. 

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