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Eye discs: October 18, 1995

Paranoid & Sunburnt

Skunk Anansie


Rating: Two eyes

The artist’s name is a good indication of how bad this album really is. This English hard rock/alternative trio has several negative things going for it — a lead singer who’s a scary cross between Courtney Love and Sinead O’Conner, lyrics that lecture and arrangement that just aren’t arranged very well. 

The opening track, “Selling Jesus,” is a powerful expression against the establishment of the church, but the song could be better if it was less vicious. The words are intelligent, but the lyrics criticize society just for the sake of criticizing. 

The only redeeming song that saves the album from being a total disaster is “Weak,” a surprisingly heartfelt commentary on the woes of unconditional love.

Perhaps on its next attempt, Skunk Anansie will ease up on its quest to bash society as a whole, and work on their talent for sending powerful messages to its audience.

– Dianne Trottier

Frampton Comes Alive II

Peter Frampton


Rating: One eye

Peter Frmapton is the latest ‘70s rock star to jump on the even-though-I’m-washed-up-let’s-try-and-put-an-album-out-and-make-shitloads-of-money-off-my-name bandwagon. 

Frampton has lost the long hair and added a pair of Docs in an attempt to be ‘90s in his latest 14-track disc Frampton Comes Alive II.

But instead of finding a new sound, all Frampton has really done is transform the same old classic rock songs into some easy listening love ballads. Frampton Come Alive II is missing the magic of Frampton’s singing guitar which gained him fame in the ‘70s.

The only thing this album does is prove that the synthesizer is still popular.

– Jake Brown

Exit Planet Dust

The Chemical Brothers 


Rating: Three eyes

Exit Planet Dust is an album for anyone interested in music ranging from hip-hop to groove and the edges of techno. The Chemical Brothers are well known in the U.K. for their re-mixing skills. So for all you DJs out there, this album is definitely worth checking out.

The highlight of the album is “Life Is Sweet,” which features Tim Burgess from the Charlatans. Although the majority of the songs would certainly get people moving at a club or sound cool on a mixtape, the whole CD is probably not worth the cash. Buy the “Life is Sweet” single instead.

– Alex Mynek

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