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Eye flashes: October 11, 1995

New image cost $7,600

What’s in a name? – $7,600 if you are RyeSAC.

According to V.P. Finance and Development Patrick Hynes, that is the price of the student government’s summer cleaning, which included a change in name from Ryerson Students’ Union to Ryerson Students’ Administrative Council.

Money was spent on redesigning the stationary of the student union ($500), steam-cleaning the office carpets ($400), buying cupboard and lobby desk ($4,000) and painting offices ($2,700).

“For years and years, the office has been pretty dumpy and shitty looking. If you want the president (of Ryerson) to come down here, you’ve got to look half-decent,” Hynes says.

– Gianni Colavecchia

Skate or die

The best things in life are free — including skating this winter at Lake Devo. The rink is set to open November 9 and will stay open, weather permitting, until February 29.

“It’s for what we call pleasure skating,” said Richard Hill, an employee at the Toronto Parks and Recreation Department. The rink will be open from 9 a.m. until 10 p.m. daily, and is maintained by the city, he added.

– Jackie Burns

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