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Eye flashes: October 25, 1995

Free money– RyeSAC style

Need some extra cash this year? RyeSAC might help you out. Applications for RyeSAC bursaries are available to anyone in a full-time diploma or degree program.

“The bursaries have always been part of Ryerson, it’s in our mandate,” said a RyeSAC representative.

There are two awards of $500, two per semester. That’s a lot of beer. Applicants must write a cheery letter to the RyeSAC bursary committee, detailing how they have positively influenced the quality of life at Ryerson. The deadline for applications is this Friday, October 27.

–Jarret Churchill

The Edge to set with sun

Some nursery schools will be open later than Ryerson’s campus bar. The Edge will close up at 7 p.m. nightly.

“There just isn’t any business at night,” said an Edge employee. “We will be open late until 1 a.m. on special event nights.”

The new hours are effective from last Monday until Christmas. 

–Tom Gierasimczuk

Ex-Rye student springs into court

Suzanne Muir, Ryerson’s headline grabbing Jerry Springer saboteur is not laughing. The comedian and her comedy troupe appeared on Springer’s show last year on an episode called “My husband slept with my baby-sitter.” Muir played the devastated wife. After a magazine writer recognized the comedians, the group became media sweethearts. But Springer wasn’t as kind and is currently suing the comedians for up to $80,000.

The group was served court papers last June and enlisted legal aid from a Chicago attorney. The Jerry Springer Show is filmed in Chicago.

“We’re going to defend ourselves, we want to go to court.” Muir says. Muir also says the show offered them a settlement, but they counter-offered and another offer by the show was rejected by the group.

Muir says the case is likely to go to court in the spring, but she can’t go into any details about the case because of the legalities involved.

“We’re now staring at each other over the fence,” Muir says as she and her group, The Blockheads, wait for Springer’s next move.

–Marcy Scott

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