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Here they are, the BOG hopefuls…

Michelle Dunn

Media Arts

Many of you are probably wondering what students do on the board of governors. Since last November, I have been a student representative on the board. Before every board decision, the student reps try to imagine its impact. There are decisions that only have far-reaching implications but many also have a direct impact on how our school life. These are the times when strong student input to the board is vital. Things like the budget, Student Services referendum, and tuition are all passed or declined by the board of governors. I have a foothold on how the board does business, and I feel my past experience on the board will prove a strong asset this year. 

Ryerson was one of the first universities to recognize the need for student input at the board level. They respect and make good use of their student representatives, and we take pride in working to keep Ryerson a student oriented place to learn. I’d like to continue my work on the board and so I ask you to re-elect me this October 25th. 

Simon Martin


Despite messages left with the Mechanical Engineering department, we weren’t able to reach Simon before press time. We are sure that he is a fine young lad and would really appreciate your vote. 

Jacqueline McKee

Hospitality & Tourism Management

I am asking you to elect me as your board of governors’ representative to voice student opinions in an effective and responsible manner. 

I am a third year student in the Hospitality and Tourism Management Program with a Tourism specialization. My involvement in Ryerson extra curricular projects, such as co-developing a Women’s Discussion Group through the Ryerson Women’s Centre (1993-94) and Executive Chair Person for the annual Hospitality Update/Tourism 2000 Conference (1994-95), have shown my leadership ability and commitment to student programming. I believe that, as students, being involved in extra curricular events enhances what we are learning in class and better prepares us for life after university. 

As your representative, I will continue to increase awareness of Ryerson events and promote student involvement. It is to our advantage to have a direct impact on policy decisions about education, finance, facilities and student affairs. With intelligence, assertive communication and an open mind, I would like to represent your views and opinions.

Carl-Ann Orjalo

Social Work

During my study period at Ryerson, I have been involved with various student organizations in trying to improve the student environment. However, I’ve learned that such improvements can be made at an administrative level. I would like to continue with my pursuit of maintaining and improving student welfare as a member of the board of governors. 

  1. I am concerned with what financial cuts will be made and how they will affect students.
  2. I am concerned with the outcome of student services.
  3. I’d like to become involved with the administrative decision-making process and financial matters of the University.
  4. I want to ensure the welfare of the students are maintained. 

My past experiences at Ryerson will enable me to contribute to the well-being of the student population at the level of board of governors.

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