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internet opinions: Do you patronize The Edge? Why/why not?

Yes I do, its a place to unwind, relax, and meet with friends. It makes the hectic days go by with greater ease. I would really hate to see it go.

Mike Kozlakowski – RTA

I do go to The Edge once in a while. I used to go much more often last year, but the music isn’t very good and the beer isn’t as cold as it should be. It’s the music more than anything that’s become a major turn-off…there’s just too much dance music and reggae and now COUNTRY music. Whatever happened to Rock?

Hasse Chacon – ACPS

No way would I go into that dark, dank musty hole of an old classroom. Bad tunes and even worse draft. I like to spend as much time away from Ryerson as I can — why pay money to drink there too? There are much better bars close by.

Peter Luebke – GEOG

No, I do not patronize The Edge. Should I? “PUB” suggests drinking, and I do not, nor do I play pool…

Adrienne Winslow – NUDC

I feel that The Edge could do a lot more to get students into the bar. I will be turning 19 in less than a month, but I was rather annoyed when the staff placed two large black Xs on my hands to indicate I was underage…I felt quite embarrassed. I do not really feel like going back until I turn 19 and maybe not even then. I do not place all the blame on The Edge: the students of Ryerson should try to make their university pub an amazing hangout for after class or a cool dance place to escape to after a long day of studying. Maybe by having a suggestion box outside The Edge students can express their opinions and maybe one day our university could have a pub comparable to those at Waterloo and Guelph.

Sheryl Gray – ENVH

Who really has the time, when we have school to worry about?

David Pedro – CNED

The Edge is an important part of the Ryerson experience, it must be kept open at all costs. Besdiers, where would we hold the ENGINOONER if The Edge was closed (it is the perfect place to get shit-faced on a Thursday afternoon)!

James Parkin – MHNG

I’m sad to say I would not be caught dead at The Edge. Sure it was cool in its heyday when the Police played there. Now it is just a dive. Why? For starters, I am a smoker and you cannot smoke there. Second, they play sh*tty music, well not sh*tty music, but music of days gone by. Lastly, too many engineers hang out there. Engineers are selfish, arrogant, pompous, drunken slobs. It is fine to have school spirit but they take it to an absolutely unacceptable, embarrassing new height.

Nelson Cecilia – ARCS

I’m a first year student, and my main complaint about The Edge is the non-smoking policy. Most people smoke when they go to a bar, and a policy such as this makes The Edge unattractive. I know many people who don’t smoke on a regular basis, but do when they go to bars. If The Edge allowed smoking, then I’m sure patronage would go up.

Jonathan Day-Reiner – JOUR

Yes, I patronize The Edge pub. I think it’s one of Ryerson’s great stress reducers and I hope it will continue to operate as well as it has up until now.

Suggestions for improvement: install a system where students can pick a video of their choice and have it played on the screens (instead of waiting for some Jane Doe to put it on once in a lifetime); a variety of sports videos (surfing, skiing etc,); cartoons.

The typical patron (I believe) is someone who walks in, stays for up to half an hour and goes away. The Edge has to really concentrate its entertainment efforts on providing quick, painless, stress relief.

David Sher – CNED

I don’t drink.

Bob Baer – CNED

I am thrilled that Ryerson has the first smoke-free night club that I’ve seen. However I have not had a chance yet to experience it yet as I haven’t had time. When my friends and are looking for a place to go and we’re in Toronto, The Edge will get my vote.

Joanna Windsor – BBMD

Nope, I don’t frequent The Edge. It is faceless, characterless, and poorly promoted. The Edge should try and utilize some local talent. We have a Hospitality/Food & Beverage program here full of students who’s ideas just might help turn The Edge into a viable enterprise; not to mention our Business/Marketing students. What better case study for Rye Marketing Majors?

Mark De Wolf – JOUD

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