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internet opinions: How are you planning to vote in the Student Services referendum

I’ll vote yes for the referendum on the student services fee. It’s too bad we still have to pay more, and that the upward trend of costs is still in its early days, but these services are way too important. It’s the kind of thing you don’t use that often, but can’t really do without.

Frederic Lebrun – ASNG/F94

No. I’m graduating this year, but I don’t think students really want to pay an extra $50. I’ve been here for four years and although I have checked out the Career Centre, I have never found it to be really helpful. I have a better chance at finding a job directly through my faculty, and they help us with career counselling.

As for the other student services…can’t say I’ll miss ‘em. It’s not worth $50, that’s for sure.

Lori Lafrance – ECHE

I certainly plan to vote YES on the upcoming referendum on saving student services. If the Career Centre is closed it would cut off access to jobs to hundreds of Ryerson students. What is $50 if it helps you have access to a job once you graduate? It may save you a loss of $2800 per year on wasted education. 

Tonia Campbell – CNED

I plan to vote yes to the fifty dollar increase in student fees in order to maintain student services.

Garth Gosselin – ENVG

I agree with the additional $50 fee that should be charged next year so that graduating students can use Student Services.

Koorosh Eslami – IEDE

I will not be voting. I have no idea what the vote is about. Lately I have seen so many signs about voting, I don’t have a f#@#$#@ing clue which is which.

Benjamin Banbury – SHTM

Vote, what vote? I’m an Engineering student and personally, I don’t have time to shave my legs let alone VOTE!! What’s with all these stupid questions anyway? Why don’t you ask us something relevant, like which brand of rolling papers we prefer when smoking a little weed!

Emily Worden – CVLE

I’m voting Yes! This is my final year and I don’t care what the fees are once I’m gone!

The way I look at it, the more it costs to get a degree in the future, the more valuable my degree will be. I’m just trying to increase the future value of my degree!

Besides, we get valuable services for our $50 such as the Career Centre which every student SHOULD use!

Stephen Hood – BBMD

I would vote yes for the student centre…around the province already, universities and colleges are making decisions to stop funding student services. One community college administrator told me that the budget cuts are so bad, that they are thinking that if students want services, they will have to pay for it themselves. 

To not agree to the Student Centre levy would be to shoot ourselves in the foot. In the not-so-distant future, I predict students will have to pay for student services or not get them at all: referendum or no referendum.

This vote is not about anything as trite as school spirit. It is about preserving services that make students’ lives easier in this place. Check out reality before you cast your ballot.

Cherolyn Knapp – Business Management Alumnus

I intend to vote “Yes” on the referendum because I know someone who has had a reason to use the Center for Student Development and Counselling. I think that it would be a shame to lose something as useful and needed as the counselling center or any of the other services that are in question. We all use at least one of the services in one way or another.

Jeffery Skinner – ELCE

I think it’s ridiculous that a university would cut a Career Centre. A student’s main objective for going to university is to get a good job afterwards and Ryerson wants to get rid of that but keep how many ethnic groups for students to just hang out? I guess social groups are an alternative, considering that without a Career Centre students will need someone else to hang out with when they are finished school. I think students need to get their priorities straight. 

I would vote ‘yes’ for the career centre because I got several interviews and a few job offers from there. I also know other graduates who got interviews and job offers through the centre.

April Crane

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