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Question of the Week: October 11, 1995

Who would you rather sit beside, Paul Bernardo or O.J. Simpson?

By Xavine Bryan

The verdict is in. Given the choice, 82 per cent of Ryerson students would rather sit beside O.J. Simpson than Paul Bernardo.

“Paul Bernardo scared me more…,” said Lisa Chotowetz, a social work student. “I’m not married to O.J. Simpson so, I rather sit beside him,” said Franco Scanga, an urban planning student who feels safe because of his sex.

Jason Hatcher, a media arts student who supports the Juice said, “I have faith in the American justice system, O.J. was given due process.” Fifty eight per cent of the people who chose Simpon, were female.

“It doesn’t meant I like him,” explained Jennifer Woods, an RTA student, “I just don’t trust Bernardo.”

Out of the 50 students surveyed, only 10 per cent would sit beside the convicted Bernardo. 

“Paul Bernardo is at least interesting,” said Brad Tait, a social work student. “O.J. is just a big dumb football guy.”

Aaron Felker, a theatre tech student, was less sympathetic. “If I sat beside Paul Bernardo, I’d have to strangle him.”

Only 20 per cent of the people who would sit beside Bernardo were women.

Eight per cent of those surveyed were undecided. “They blew both trials out of proportion. To me, the general population can’t give a shit any more,” said Claire Smith, an electrical engineer student. 

Two students improvised their own answer to the question.

Sheryl Gray, an environmental health student said, “I’d like to sit in between them.” She added that way, she could talk to both of them.

Eddie Reiter, an urban planning student, refused to sit beside either men. Instead, he chose his dad.

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