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Ryerson: PARTY HARD!

By Dan Beaudoin

Yeah, it’s Friday and I can feel the righteousness in the air. I can smell it. I can almost taste it. It’s running through that old pipeline out there and trickling along the concrete river and coming through the drain of the houses we all live in. Yeah, I know. You’re waiting for that final class in your dreary little week to finish. You check your watch and the minutes crawl. The teacher’s voice has faded in your mind because there just isn’t any fucking room left to hold it! Yeah, you’re stressed out, we’re all stressed out, and you have an academic shitload in your head. You feel like you’re going to explode and you’re one inch away from saying “That’s it!!” But this night belongs to you! Yeah, it’s time to slip out of your tortured mind and let the wild animal out for that Friday night explosion. This is the night where you drink your fucking brains out so you can cool back down to room temperature and prepare yourself for a shitload of homework. So get out there and party with the masses! Get on that dance floor and go crazy. Scream! Jump! Get wild! Swing your fists in the air and Party Hard!

Dan Beaudoin is a Ryerson student who likes to stay in and watch “Friends” and Letterman on Thursdays. No, only fooling. He’s an animal, folks.

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