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RyeSAC’s rebuttal

Re “‘95 may not be RyeSAC’s vintage year,” October 4:

I took offence to last week’s letter by Don Mosley. This year’s executive has been working hard to ensure that Ryerson students receive a number of services, and that they get fair value for their education dollars. Being a RyeSAC executive member is no easy task. It is a job that requires a great personal commitment and teamwork. While each of us are paid for our positions, hundreds of extra hours and great effort has been put forward this year.

The executive is responsible to the Board of Directors (BOD) who are elected by Ryerson students. We report to the Board and take direction from it. Mr. Mosley claims that the executive has been trying to hide some issues, yet all RyeSAC meetings, including BOD meetings, are open to Ryerson students and the general public to address any concerns or issues.

Mr. Mosley’s letter points to the fact that some changes were made to the RyeSAC office this past summer. Each member of the executive put a huge amount of physical labour into the project so the changes would be complete for orientation week. Twelve-hour days seven days a week were a reality at one point this summer. The changes have resulted in a much cleaner, more efficient office which has allowed us to serve students better. Mr. Mosley says the executive was trying to hide some of the facts around the expenses. All the expenses have been reported to the board and approved. Mr. Mosley also says that the executive backed out of a promise to the Women’s Centre, yet no promise was ever made.

In addition to our day to day responsibilities and the many new projects we are trying to advance, RyeSAC executives have been trying to talk to as many Ryerson students as possible. It is very difficult to reach 12,000 students but we have been talking to many through our student groups and residence tours and classroom talks.

Unfortunately, as with many organizations, those who criticize offer little in the way of positive solutions. If Mr. Mosley was really concerned with student life at Ryerson, he would offer his services towards some volunteer efforts or attend some RyeSAC meetings.

Paul Cheevers

President, RyeSAC

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