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So bad it’s good


Rating: Three eyes (out of 5)

directed by: Julian Grant

starring: Shannon Tweed, Dwayne DiMarco

By Guy Leshinski

Laughing in the face of bureaucratic absurdity, Electra delves right into the heart of many key issues under-represented in contemporary film. 

It tells the story of Billy, a jocular numbskull farm-boy who struggles to keep his superhuman powers from his voluptuous step-mother, played by ex-porn queen Shannon Tweed, and a disabled megalomaniac named Roach — who smiles a lot and employs two hench-chicks in leather and spandex while reciting lines like “I’m stimulating your erogenous zone while probing you subconscious.” Billy’s powers can only be transmitted through unprotected sexual activity.

The film has it all. Sex, giant cockroach logos, mid-ari fight scenes, ex, an Erica Ehm lookalike, sex, spontaneously combusting heads — something for everyone. 

Toronto director Julian Grant, already known for his slightly askew filmmaking, calls it a “mystery-comedy-sci-fi-thriller…with breasts.”

It’s so bad, you almost forget he’s doing it on purpose.

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