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Vote Today: A quick look at what is at stake in today’s Student Services Referendum vote.

Yes or No


“Do you wish to continue to support student services- the Carer Centre, the Athletics and Recreation Department, the Health Centre, the Financial Aid and Awards Office, The Centre for Student Development and Counselling, and the Access Centre — at a cost of $44 per annum? Do you also wish to spend $6 per annum for the creation of an ombuds office?


Full-time students $50, $4.50 per CE course.


YES: Ryerson gets ombudsperson, retains all student services.

NO: Career Centre closes. All other student services cut back.


Must be 5 per cent voter turnout.

Why this crisis?

  • The Career Centre’s $93,950 annual grant ends in December. It wasn’t renewed.
  • Student Services budget cut by $70,00 last year, will be cut by $110,000 over the next two years.
  • Reductions to Federal and Provincial transfer payments to universities, will create more budget cuts.


User fees for services — this seems unlikely now. 


Administration: “If the referendum fails the Career Centre will close… we could see 10 to 12 hour lines for Financial Aid”

— Linda Grayson, Ryerson’s v.p. administration

Student Government: “I’d think saving the Career Centre is important and I’d probably vote yes, but that is an expensive vote”

Paul Cheevers, RyeSAC president

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