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Construction from hell

By Deborah Gardner

Jay Waxman never imagined he’d be dodging power drills on rez move-in day.

The O’Keefe House Don said construction on Church and Gould Sts. made helping new residents move in a challenge.

“It was annoying and frustrating carrying someone’s computer and walking through all the construction,” he said.

The Church and Gould area is getting a face-lift which will see repaved roads and new sidewalks.

The project is funded by the province and the City of Toronto. The province is paying to put in the sidewalks, but the city decided to do the roads as well.

David Steele, RyeSAC v.p. administration, said the construction is a great asset to Ryerson but admitted it was an inconvenience on move-in day and during orientation week.

“It was my impression they were just redoing the sidewalk and then one day I came to school and there they were, ripping up our entire road,” he said.

Lake Devo, on the other hand, is undergoing emergency maintenance repairs to replace the refrigeration and piping systems for the winter ice rink.

“It was kind of an emergency situation that came about, it wasn’t on the plans for be done this year and we found out that it was in a worse situation than we thought,” said Gary Penak, project manager for the Lake Devo renovations.

“It was just a coincidence they were doing the sidewalks in the Gould area at the same time as us,” he added.

Repaving should be finished by the end of next week but students will have to put up with noise for longer — Devo won’t be done until the end of November.

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