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Eye love it!

By Abby Tator

Angelo Deluca. Just who the hell is he?

Well, he is the president of RyeSAC this year, and he has many ideas and plans to make Ryerson a better place.

“So far we’ve been busy with orientation planning and the opening of Oakham House,” says DeLuca. “This year I plan to keep in tough with all student unions, school administration and municipal leaders to assure that Rye’s needs are being met.”

A self-described critic, DeLuca wasn’t content just to sit back and criticize. He rans for president because he wanted to share his ideas of how to make Rye a better place.

Eye asked Angelo about some of his favourite things.

Favourite movies: Contact, starring Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey.

“She (Foster) had visions of what she wanted things to be like and she was not scared to go out and see for herself.”

Facourite Spice Girl: “The spiciest.” (Has Angelo even heard of the Spice Girls? Maybe he likes Hanson.)

Best hair band of the ‘80s: Duran Duran.

Book of the moment: The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.

Favourite Gilligan’s Island character Mary Anne. “She was so sweet and unconditionally giving. Plus, she always made those coconut cream pies.”

Favourite hot-dog vendor: Ernie, because “he gives to a bursary.”

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