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There’s something about Eggy

By Thien Hynh

The five scheduled sacred Eggy the Ram heads which used to hang in The Edge (now the Games Room) are scattered throughout Ryerson.  Each head belongs to the five former Eggies who all represented the school and brought luck to the sports teams.

Individually, the heads hold little power but when all five legendary Eggy heads are united and mounted side by side in Oakham House, they form Voltron and bring Ryerson prosperity.  But since the heads were taken down, there has been the Curse of The Stuffed Heads.  High tuition and losing varsity teams isn’t just the way of life at Ryerson.

The stuffed heads were taken down when some students complained that the Eggies were offensive.  The Ryerson Archives holds two Eggy heads.

“They were taken down long ago because they were freaking the students out,” says Dale McNichol, managing director.

If the Rams are ever found again, RyeSAC president David Steele was asked if he would champion mounting the heads back on display in Oakham House to restore school spirit.  “Uh … no.  The last thing I want to do is be eating a cheeseburger and have five severed heads looking back at me.  It’s all too creepy for me,” says Steele.

Some students were asked if they would join the quest to bring the mythical stuffed heads back.

“That’s really sick, man.  That is just weird.  Just leave those heads alone … please,” says Andrew Furman, 3rd year RTA.

Ryerson has not used a live dorset ram as its mascot since the Toronto Humane Society protested that it was cruel.

If the heads are not found, the only way to break the curse would be to mount a whole new line of severed heads.

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