The voodoo you never knew

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It’s not black magic or evil zombies rising from the grave. Santeria is a viable religion practiced around the world by the surviving descendants of the West Indies slave trade.

Will the real Druids please stand up

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The popularity of Druidism of “Druidry,” as those in the know call it, is not surprising. Author Terry Brooks’ “Shannara” fantasy books, fantasy games like Dungeons & Dragons, an abundance of Celtic-y craft-y stuff in alternative stores, all capitalize on that festering, sub-culture world view that gives the magical Druid figure its popular appeal.

Sell your soul to credit card demons

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“Hey little girl, do you want some candy?”
If that gives you the creepy crawlies it ought to. It sure as hell sent shivers down my spine as I sauntered along Jorgenson Hall of Shame recently to witness Mephistopheles hawking his deals with the devil — credit cards.