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Corporations ‘R Us

Frosh – welcome to Ryerson Polycorporate University.  On your left is a bank of Coca-Cola vending machines for your drinking convenience – and if the school is lucky, it’ll soon receive a whole whack of cash for imprinting a taste for Coke on your impressionable young brains.

Administration says machines have been upgraded, but RyeSAC’s v.p. administration Jason Power points out you can’t upgrade a machine that was never around in the first place (like, say, in Pitman Hall or Ryerson’s parking garage).

“These machines are reproducing like rabbits,” said Power.


Battle royal

Student council and the university’s business office have been fighting since school began.

In one corner is the University Business Services (UBS), headed by John Corallo, pushing to install a Coke vending machine in every nook and cranny.

In the other corner is RyeSAC, with no beverage contracts per se (except for Molson logos that appear everywhere the RyeSAC name does).

Battles erupted over electrical outlets when RyeSAC installed photocopiers for student use across campus that UBS said were taking up too much energy.  That, and getting in the way of Coke machines.

Round One:  UBS tells RyeSAC to unplug the copiers.  Round Two:  When RyeSAC doesn’t comply, UBS covers up outlets.  Round Three:  RyeSAC plays musical chairs and moves the copiers.

Winner:  RyeSAC’s copiers are still copying.

Tempers flared once more when UBS heard word of RyeSAC bringing in Arizona Iced Tea (not affiliated with Coca-Cola) to be served at Ryerson’s 50th anniversary hot dog derby last month.

Tough Corallo called the RyeSAC office to complain, the iced tea stayed.  Bottoms up.


Game show trivia

Join in for today’s episode of Ryerson Jeopardy.

Answer:  Student Centre.

Question:  What is the name RyeSAC used during last winter’s referendum for the building they’ve been trying to get off the ground for years?

Answer:  Campus Centre.

Question: W hat is the name administration wanted for the building to make it inclusive of the whole Ryerson community?

Answer:  Student Campus Centre.

Question:  What name was reached as a compromise between the big folks in administration and the little people at RyeSAC?

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