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New execs nervous on election night

By Wojtek Dabrowski

A new crew of RyeSAC vice-presidents were elected after an agonizing six-hour wait for election results at the Ram in the Rye last Wednesday.

V.p. finance and development-elect Barbara Lozano was smoking like a chimney. “If I win these elections, my vow is to quit smoking,” she said before taking a drag of her menthol cigarette as the votes were tabulated.

She’ll have to quit now. Lozano topped her opponent, Daniel Hornik, by 30 votes.

While other candidates smoked and drank at the Ram in the Rye, v.p. education-elect Odelia Bay was literally speechless. “I lost [my voice] somewhere on the campaign trail,” she whispered with a smile, rubbing her sore throat.

After Bay won, beating her opponent Ghassan Sulaiman 641-477, she couldn’t speak for a different reason. “I”m stunned,” she said softly. “I’m so happy.”

Akeem “Prince” Fasassi won a landslide yes-or-no vote for v.p. Administration, with 860 yes votes and 176 no votes. Fasassi needed 50 per cent plus one of the vote to win.

But he didn’t lose his cool after getting news of his victory.
“I’m feeling great,” he said, as a photographer snapped his picture.

Fasassi described his new role at RyeSAC in one sentence: “It’s all about throwing great parties.”

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