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By Karolyn Coorsh

Ryerson’s computing and communications services are putting the finishing touches on an upgraded e-mail system, and beginning next year e-mail will be a required means of communication between Ryerson administration and students.

The new policy will allow faculty, administration and student groups to set up various mailing lists – as long as the information pertains to official academic business.

According to Diane Schulman, the secretary of the academic council, the mailing lists and bulk e-mails must be authorized by the vice-president’s office, the registrar or the director of Student Services.

The e-mails will inform students of campus events, university announcements and library notices.

Students are responsible for registering for an email account. Students who fail to register risk missing out on important information and deadlines.

“They will not be able to claim ignorance based on not having an email account,” said Schulman.

Ryerson administration held back on implementing the new policy until now because its system couldn’t handle the volume of email accounts.

Now that the system has been upgraded, it is easier to use and has a great deal more space available to students, according to Brian Lesser, an assistant director of the communications and computing services.

“It’s like Hotmail except there’s no ads and you have five times the space,” he said. “Students will also be able to access their account from anywhere in the world.”

According to Lesser, communications and computing services is working to limit the amount of junk mail that filters into the system.

“We block well-known spammers from spending e-mail but you cannot stop spam 100 per cent,” he said.

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