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By Barry Hertz

There is an old saying that the university experience is 50 per cent education and 50 per cent experience. 

What that experience may be is really up to you.

This year, Ryerson has almost 40 different RyeSAC sponsored student groups on campus to choose from to make that experience all the more worthwhile.

Many of the groups are skewed towards shared cultural and religious backgrounds. There are also a number of groups that involve particular interests and hobbies of students. These groups range from Japanese anime to the Pagan religion.

For students looking to be politically active, RyeACT! and the international Socialists Club are both heavily involved in social activism.

Other student groups allow members to expand their horizons. The ACE Ryerson student group is a chapter of ACE-Canada, which is recognized in other universities across Canada such as Brock, Laurier and York. Their goal is to develop entrepreneurial skills among Ryerson students.

Brandon Bartlett, last year’s Vice President of marketing for ACE-Ryerson says that student groups such as ACE can be extremely helpful towards not just a student’s university life, but their future careers as well.

“We allow students a chance to take initiative and build leadership skills,” he said. “Any student from any field can join. We’re definitely not just for business students.”

Another business related student group is Ryerson Marketing Association. The RMA offers student events ranging from guest speakers on business and marketing-related topics to their “Ads that Rock” night, which helps students to meet representatives from different companies.

International students new to Ryerson may be interested in the International Club which brings together the international student community on campus. Students are encouraged to share their cultures through various activities such as food and language. Cultural and religious associations on campus can enhance their understanding of various cultures.


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