Rye’s rep will soon meet reality

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By Andrea Hanson

Crazy nights, pulling all-nighters, drinking a lot of coffee and having a few too many hangovers all equal one thing — being a Rye High froshie.

At least that is what Josh Tzventarny says he expects.

Nineteen-year-old Tzventarny, who is currently enrolled in urban and regional planning studies was in Ottawa last year studying at Carleton. He says he is excited about being back in Toronto and anxious for the year to start.

“I was born in Toronto, I really missed it and Ryerson has one of the better planning programs in the country. It was a match made in heaven, or well..ya,” he said.

While Tzventarny has already heard a lot about Ryerson , he says he has other first-year concerns. Aside from trying to get to know people and fit in, he says money may be a huge issue.

“There is never enough to go around,” he said.

For Jason Duong however, money seems to be the last thing on his mind.

Duong, who is entering into the business commerce program, has other concerns where the ladies are.

“It’s true. I am expecting a lot of hot chicks. I am guessing there will be more variety at Ryerson,” he said.

Duong also says he is 19, single, and looking.

He admits that he was originally disappointed that he did not get accepted at the University of Toronto. “I was pissed off that I didn’t get in with an 81 per cent average. They didn’t give me anything, not even an arts acceptance at the least,” he said.

t was only after talking to a bank manager who praised Ryerson’s program that he says he got a change of heart. Now he is looking forward to everything the university has to offer…except maybe the workload.

As for Duong’s social life, he said, “I am a little nervous of handling the workload, but yes, I am ready to party.”

Duong says he has not heard too much about parties at Ryerson, but hopes that if there are parties, he will come.

“I want to be there. It is action you don’t want to miss out on,” he says.

On the other hand, Camille Ross says she has heard through her friends at Ryerson that its parties are not too good, but she has never been to one yet.

Ross, a first-year journalism student who says she choose Ryerson for its reputation, is excited and “expecting to meet tons of new people.”

“I heard that Ryerson is just like high school but so much better. I see Ryerson as a place where I will meet lifelong friends.”

There is one thing that the 18-year-old Ross says will make her feel like a big loser — frosh activities and pub nights. “I am disappointed in the wristband policies for everyone who is under 19. It discouraged me from wantin go,” she said.

Ross, like Duong, says she is also hoping to find some attractive members of the opposite sex.

Unlike many students who have high hopes when classes begin on Sept. 2, Hussain Bandali does not have a clue what to expect. He says he will just take it as it comes.

“All I can hope for is a good time, and maybe that will include some ladies,” he said.

Being in first-year computer science, Bandali says it is only in his dream that he will have some Bollywood actress lookalike in a few of his classes.

Tesla Beard us another student that is coming to Ryerson because of its reputation.

“From Ryerson I am expecting a valuable education, and an amazing life experience. Since I am moving away from home, Ryerson is going to be a fresh start for me, and I’m hoping it’ll allow me to grow as a person, and at the same time have lots of fun.”

Beard says it was only natural for her to choose Ryerson because it was the only school that offered the program she wanted. Beard is enrolled in radio and television arts.

Although Beard admits she is shy and says this may be a problem in trying to meet new people and start fresh, she has been communicating on Ryerson’s first-year message board.

“So for all that I have heard about Ryerson is basic gossip and hearsay. I’ve heard mixed reviews of work loads, and of course I’ve heard about the school’s nickname, ‘Rye High’ but I’m trying not to let anything fog my view of what my first year will be like so I’ve tried to stay away from a lot of gossip.”

Julie Yamin, like Beard, says she chose Ryerson because she was told it was an excellent university.

Yamin, who is from Montreal and is entering into the journalism program, is apprehensive about her first year in Toronto. “I am not really sure what to expect at this point,” she said. I’m sure life in residence will be interesting as well as crazy with parties and what not. But I definently expect school to be challenging.”

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