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By David Musaelyan

Poster vendor Imaginus was back on campus this week after it was forced to cancel its visit a year ago.

For more than 30 years, Imaginus had set up in Metro Credit Union Lounge, but this year it was given the Olive Baker Lounge located on the first floor of the Podium building.

While the pedestrian traffic was pretty good, Imaginus staff were not thrilled with their new space. “It is too small,” said Ben Robitaille, one of the sales people. “The fire inspector can shut us down if it gets too crowded. It happened before.” The space is so small that Imaginus could not place all of its displays in the room.

On average, Robitaille visits two schools a week and said safety policies vary from one institution to another. Last January, Ryerson denied Imaginus use of the Metro Credit Union Lounge just two weeks before its visit.

The reason: A new policy preventing groups from using the popular lounge. Marion Creery, director of student services, said last month that such a policy has never existed.

Ryerson’s bookstore manager, Kelly Abraham, didn’t know whether there was a policy, but said the Metro Credit Union Lounge was not a safe spot for the sale. “I don’t think there is [a policy]. I am not sure&I think it is a traffic concern. Safety is a big issue at Ryerson,” he said. Abraham added that the Olive Baker Lounge was the only available alternative. “I get the space and I use it,” he said.

The Olive Baker Lounge has two doors to increase the traffic flow, and its location does not interfere with people who are passing down the hall, unlike the Metro Credit Union Lounge next door.

Imaginus employees were given no safety instructions during their stay at Ryerson.

The company’s manger, Fabian Kaen, declined to comment on the new location.

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