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by Claudia Cautillo 

Changes are underway at Rye-PRIDE this week as two of its main members prepare to leave the organization that represents “the queer voice of Ryerson.”

Ilanit Goren, education co-ordinator for RyePRIDE, is resigning from her post to focus on her schoolwork. Orientation co-ordinator Matt Radford’s five-week contract ended Sept. 30.

Goren and Radford’s departures mean the loss of two of the group’s lead organizers. Their shoes will have to be filled quickly in order to keep the student group running.

“I’m very confident in RyePRIDE’s future,” Goren said. “We’ll do as much as we can to help with the co-ordinator transition.”

Goren and Radford have both played instrumental roles in introducing and organizing RyePRIDE events over the last few years. Together, they have co-ordinated dozens of events such as the pink triangle day vigil, the fairytale ball and sex toys workshops.

“We’ve done some pretty ground-breaking things, and I hope the new co-ordinators will continue with all we have accomplished,” Goren said.

“They will really have to listen to people’s needs, and those needs are always changing, they’re fluid.

“We need to cater to these needs to grow as an organization.”

In Goren’s place, Ryerson Students’ Union has hired Jessica Miller, a third-year ACS student, who will be RyePRIDE’s education and campaign co-ordinator.

“I’m really looking forward to the job, and I think we’re up to the challenge,” Miller said. “We’re still not where we need to be to educate people that it’s OK to be queer, and I want to do what I can to change that.”

Goren and Radford will continue to volunteer for RyePRIDE, since they both agree that upholding the organization is an important cause.

“It’s an essential service because we are an invisible minority,” Radford said. “We give the queer community a voice and a face on campus.”

Fox Gray, a first year ACS student, agrees. “I think if you want to maintain the image of multiculturalism and diversity at Ryerson, RyePRIDE is important to represent that,” he said.

“Getting students involved helps in breaking discriminations.”

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