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By Chi Nguyen

A bar brawl broke out at the Ram in the Rye Saturday night, resulting in two arrests for assault after campus security broke up the fight.

Campus security said it had responded to a duress alarm Saturday night. The two males involved in the scuffle were restrained by Ram in the Rye staff when security arrived.

“One of them was arrested in connection with the fight, and had been resisting through the whole incident,” Security Manager Lawrence Robinson said. “The other person was also arrested with regards to the assault.”

Rob Emerson, general manager of the Student Campus Centre, was tight-lipped about the incident, but said security had difficulties escorting two men out of the Ram in the Rye. “(One of the men) didn’t take kindly to being asked to leave by security, and was resisting the request to leave … so security began to physically remove him. He resisted that as well,” said Emerson.

Fourth-year International Econonics and Finance student Nicholas Beaver said he caught a glimpse of the action on his way out of the pub. “A guy in an orange shirt was being a creep,” Beaver said. “He started hitting on other guys’ girlfriends … they decided he shouldn’t be there anymore.”

Charges of assault and resisting arrest have been laid, Robinson said.

Both males are not members of the Ryerson community, although one of them initially claimed to be from Ryerson.

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