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By Karon Liu

While last weekend’s show Sugar Coated: This Addiction is Forever featured the visions of Ryerson’s second- and third-year fashion designers, many of the spring collections look as though they’re ready to strut right off the runway and onto store shelves, or even the red carpet.

Each of the cleverly named collections, such as the Asian-inspired “Fortune Cookie” line, were enhanced by the electronic beats of Audio Bullys and Goldfrapp, which pulsated across a packed audience on the second floor of the Podium building last Saturday.

Flowing, full-length dresses that were either backless or structured with vibrant bodices dominated women’s eveningwear.

The designs were created as a precursor of sorts to the annual Mass Exodus show.

An azure, empire-waist gown from the “Ferrero Rocher” collection allowed for more generous figures, while “Pixie Stix’s” corset and asymmetrically layered skirt was made strictly for models.

But both are ready-to-wear, compared to more couture creations, such as the geometric red-and-black number that looks like a giant Japanese bow.

Third-year students presented 13 collections of menswear that included youthful twists to an Englishman’s wardrobe, fitted jackets, and pieces inspired by hip-hop fashion.

Highlights include “Geek 5” where models hiked up their pants while wearing slim-fitting, bright green and blue sweaters balanced by neutral, loose-fitting Capri pants.

Contrasting those geek-chic ensembles was the “Ride the Reign” collection, which suited any Galliano fan. Brown plaid, wide-leg trousers, accented by skinny, knit scarves perfectly conveyed the buccaneer look without succumbing to the theatrics of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Ending the evening were two juxtaposed show-stoppers in the “Gobstoppers” collection: a balloon-dress with peacock feathers, followed by an intricate, printed skirt with a fur train.

One can’t help but wonder what another year or two of fashion school will bring for the 150 designers featured.

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