Women win silver…again

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The gold medal in Ryerson’s own Women’s Volleyball Invitational Tournament escaped the Rams for the second year in a row after they lost to Brock University (1-3) in Sunday’s (Sept. 24) final.

He’s not just a Sk8er Boi

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Give second-year photography student Andrew Norton a camera, and he’ll combine skateboarding and photography into one gnarly show. News Editor Maurice Cacho finds out what it takes to capture a not-so-ordinary skateboard snapshot.

A painful case of studentitis

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Sure, studentitis isn’t a real medical condition, but the state of students’ spines is cause for concern. For Dana Lacey, relief came in the form of 20-minute massages, which are covered by her Ryerson health plan. That was until the RAC stopped offering them. Now this broke student can’t afford her medically prescribed remedy.

Part-timers stuck in health quagmire

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More than 300 part-time students with full course loads aren’t entitled to health coverage that every full-timer at Ryerson has access to. They’re also shut out of RSU bursaries, ISIC travel cards and $200 in monthly tax credits. Josh Wingrove reports.