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By Noelle Munaretto

After three years of planning, building and waiting, Ryerson’s business faculty has a new home. The multi-million dollar facility at 575 Bay St. boasts state-of-the-art learning facilities and coincides with the implementation of a new MBA program.

Can a Bay Street address really mean that much to a business school?

Industry professionals think so.

“I think it puts Ryerson on the map as far as business schools go,” says IC Solutions President Sarah Canzano. “Ryerson’s reputation has certainly advanced.”

The faculty’s new location might mean better internships and job opportunities for graduates, she adds.

Accounting professor Anthony Moung-Yin Chan agrees.

“We are in the city center and we have a lot of connections with business firms and, in my department, accounting firms,” he said. “I’m sure our internship program will be much better in the future because of our location.”

But some students aren’t convinced that the new neighbourhood will impact their studies. “Location doesn’t play so much of a factor for me, because I don’t think that the location of the building has anything to do with the studies,” said third-year Human Resources student Ian Birney.

Others say they like the way their new location connects them to the business world.

“The pillar of the business community in Canada is Bay Street. Having our institution on that pillar puts us at the top,” says Adam Teolis, a fourth-year Hospitality and Tourism Management student.

First-year Business Management student James Rosales agrees.

“We’re more connected than Queen’s or York,” he said.

The university first bid for a site on Bay Street in 2003, shortly after announcing plans for a new business building. That bid fell through, and a bid for the current location was made in 2004.

The converted brewery at 285 Victoria St. still bears the name of the School of Business Management, but many students and faculty already consider 575 Bay St. their new home.

“There was no professional feel to the (old) business building… it was too laid back,” says fourth-year Human Resources student Rachel Forrest.“Now we get recognized and a bit more respect.”

Faculty members agree that the new building is an improvement over the school’s previous location.

“It’s fantastic. After over 20 years at the old building, this is incredible,” says School of Business Management Director Peter Luk. “It’s good for both the faculty and the students.”

And first-year Business Management student Arjun Bhatia thinks the new building has an additional benefit. “It smells nice,” he said.

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