School “won’t stop” her

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Lauren Christoff was driving when she first heard her song “Won’t Stop” on the radio. She nearly drove off the road. “It was so surreal when it happened,” said Christoff, a second-year arts and contemporary studies student. “I’m still digesting it all.” The 20-year-old released her first single, in summer 2008 and made the Canadian Top 40 by August of that year. More recently, on Sept. 2, she performed the national anthem at Ryerson’s orientation basketball game. Now, she’s preparing to release her first album. The release date is set for this fall. “I still don’t know an exact date because school is starting,” said Christoff, who is currently enrolled in five courses and records in her spare time. Sometimes she finds herself in the studio until 3 a.m. so it can work with her schedule. “It’s tough,” said Christoff. “But because I want it so bad, it doesn’t bother me.” She needs to record two more songs before her album, Revealed, will hit stores. She was signed to the indie label Northern Heights Records after being approached in her hometown of Uxbridge, Ont. She had just performed as Carmen in the musical Fame. “I didn’t expect anything from it,” said Christoff. Before she knew it, she was in the studio recording a demo. “It all went so smoothly and so quickly,” said Christoff. “I didn’t have time to react.” Christoff wanted to be a singer for as long as she can remember. “As soon as I started talking, I started singing,” she said. “Karaoke was my life.” But even with all the experience, she still gets a bit shaky before singing in front of an audience. “I get nervous every time,” she said. Her passion overrides her nerves though. “Music is who I am,” said Christoff. “It is everywhere I go and I would say that it defines me.” Her future goals include singing and having a job in PR, which is why school is so important. For information about Christoff, log onto:

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