Soccer players stand in purgatory

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By Anthony Lopopolo

Three disgruntled players from the men’s soccer team have been cast away after choosing not to show up for their game against Laurentian last Saturday.

The players, who have retained anonymity at head coach Ivan Joseph’s request, were unhappy about their lack of playing time on the team.

None of those players have officially pronounced their resignation to the coach, leaving their absence as an indication of their dissatisfaction.

But they have since sought the amnesty of the coach and hope to reclaim their position on the team.

“They didn’t notify me at all. When you don’t check-in on work day, you assume those people no longer want to work,” said Joseph.

“One of them wasn’t a starter, the other played an average of 10 to15 minutes per game and the last was a starter.”

The decision now rests with Joseph, who will meet with the players on Thursday to see whether they will be reinstated.

“I control their fate, so I’ll come in and see if I want to keep these guys. They may or may not be back on the team,” he said.

“Playing time is only one aspect of the game, and leaving because of that is fair. But they’ve shown they’re not fully committed and I have to look at that.”

The Rams, who have so far set a record of 4-4-5, have clinched a playoff spot for a third consecutive season with a 2-1 victory over Laurentian. They will close out the regular season against RMC this weekend.

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