And the machine keeps rolling

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The RSU elections were exciting for about 10 minutes. It seemed like there was potential for change this year, at least before the results were in on Feb. 11. So it was just like every year. The Students United slate, the latest reincarnation of the Renew RSU and Undivided slates of elections past, swept all executive positions.

2(b) or not to be

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While reading the “Statement on Freedom of Speech, Draft January 7, 2010” discussed by the Ryerson Senate, several phrases spring to mind: “Always read the last paragraph,” “The devil is in the details,” “OMG FML, Rye, WTF?” and “You can’t shine shit.” Back in the ’70s I had a teacher who taught us, “Countries that have ‘People’s’ and ‘Republic’ in the name are usually neither.” With that in mind, the phrase “committed to freedom of thought… it also recognizes there are limits to free speech,” which appears in Ryerson’s statement, clangs harshly.


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But the Monetary Times Building, home to the civil engineering department at the corner of Church and Gerrard streets, attracts barely a glance from students shuffling by on their way to class. If asked, most would say they have never even heard of the seemingly drab building.


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The faint smell of stale air and sweat wafts up the staircase at the corner of Kerr Hall East and North. Every single digit of Pi, painted in black, snakes down the wall. A periodic table has also been painted with pride in this quiet passageway that leads to the almost-hidden entrance into the bowels of Kerr Hall. The blue metal door opens with a click, and you’re thrust into one of Ryerson’s best-kept secrets: Welcome to the Dungeon.


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A Muslim student is called a terrorist by her teacher. A Jewish professor is too afraid to teach. An Aboriginal student is treated like a homeless person by security. It doesn’t sound like scenes from a university campus in the centre of the most diverse city in Canada.