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Video: Move snitch! Eye vs Rye

The Eyeopener would like to raise a butterbeer to the Ryerson Quidditch team! Thank you for teaching a bunch of clumsy journalists to chase, beat, keep and seek. Much thanks!

If you’ve read any of the three campus newspapers, you already know that Ryerson has a Quidditch team. But the Eyeopener, both amazed and bemused by this story, decided to go one step further and challenge the team to a match of epic proportions. It would be a classic case of the amateurs versus the veterans. It would also be a way to get us out of the office for something other than free food and parties.

We showed up Sunday afternoon ready for action. In a show of team spirit and unity, we painted ostentatious Eyeopener logos all over our flushed, grinning faces. We were feeling as confident as the Slytherin Quidditch team after a few too many drinks at the Three Broomsticks.  If the face paint didn’t make that clear, the Braveheart-like yelling did.

Our match only lasted about 45 minutes, but what exiting 45 minutes they were!  We leaped, scored and body-checked, all with our trusty brooms held firmly between our legs. We pushed ourselves physically in ways that I’ve never seen, not even 20 minutes before deadline.

Our efforts, it turns out were not in vain. After a nerve-wracking sudden death period, we not only scored a highlight reel-worthy goal, but also captured the golden snitch!

If I had a real time-turner  (the one on my mantelpiece is just for show, alas!), I would definitely turn back the sands of time and do it all over again. Quidditch is a great way to not only get the recommended half hour of cardio a day, but also a way to bond with your friends and make new ones. But unfortunately, we tend to work on some newspaper most Sunday afternoons. When this Confundus charm wears off, I’ll let you know which one. Ha ha!




Allyssia Alleyne is the Eyeopener’s foxy, intelligent Communities Editor. Find her on Twitter @AllyssiaAlleyne or @theeyeopener if you want your event covered or want to chat about your Ryerson community.

Seriously, do it.

Photo by Lauren Strapagiel


  1. Ryerson Quidditch

    Thanks for the amazing coverage, and the amazing game! Allyssia you snitch snatcher, you should consider going pro

  2. courtney

    Very nice video.. although Queen’s University was playing Quidditch first. 😉

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